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The only apparent positive aspect of money is object related gratification.

Its’ negative effects are violence, poverty, oppression, dishonesty, exploitation, senselessness, moral degradation, abuse, loss of values, hate, envy, disparity, ruthlessness, coveting, jealousy, anger, , ignorance, discrimination, segregation, denial, corruption, degradation, manipulation, deception, paranoia, fear, worry, anxiety, false sense of security, environmental destruction, devaluation, hopelessness, suicide, obsession, desensitization, crisis, chaos, social collapse, authoritarianism, depression, stoicism, recklessness, addiction, embarrassment, blame, arguments, isolation, suspicion, shamelessness, self-centeredness, disillusionment, death, despair, wars, genocide, slavery, starvation, extinction, family feuds, governmental control, rage, resistance, prejudice, parapraxia, Godlessness, illness, indulgence, racism, snobbishness, colonialism, industrialization, premature aging, intolerance, conformity, anguish, distorted perception, irrationality, blackmail, pollution, overpopulated urban sprawl, poor judgment, brain washing, mind control, fascism, identity disturbance, isolation, withdrawal, insanity, righteousness, obscenity, spiritual depravity, community destruction, repression, incarceration, ill-will, global warming, etc., etc., etc.


What good is money? I would really, really like to know.




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