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Rachel Gill (et aliae Pinki Tuscaderro) is an enrolled member of the Spokane Tribe of Indians and a social and behavioral sciences major/human resources management minor at Linfield College.

Long-term academic goals include continuing studies toward earning a Ph.D. in clinical psychology emphasizing

· scientific research/advancing evidence based treatments
· dialectical behavioral therapy
· suicide prevention
· American Indian issues, historical trauma, etc.
· Medicaid/Community mental health care reform
· Mental Health Law

Advocacy focuses on reducing stigma against people with mental disorders and increasing respect for American Indian rights. Rachel also writes and publishes various articles in Eyes and Ears, A Mental Health Consumer/Survivor Newsletter, the Rawhide Press Spokane tribal newspaper, & on her personal blog at

Specialties:mental health/peer advocacy; dialectical behavior therapy proponent, bureaucratic management; Technical, academic, editorial, and creative writing; music production; graphic design;

General interests include painting; reading; writing poetry, songs, essays, editorial articles, and academic research papers; studying state and federal law; advocating for American Indian Rights and mental health care improvement; researching clinical and social psychology, computer applied music and information technology, experiencing cultural diversity and exploring social philosophy.

Music Manifesto:

Artistic endeavors include recording and producing original music as Pinki Tuscaderro on her D.I.Y. record label, Rez Records. Rachel has two published CD‘s of her music. Demo Sins, first released in August 2009 and It is Only a Machine, summer, 2011. Music is available for listening online at,  Specific areas of current interest in music include electronic synthesis, musical data format structure, MIDI/VST integration, step sequencing, storage, and conversion in studio, live, and multi-media productions.




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